John 15:13

John 15:13

March 22, 2023

We all need real friends. People who don't mind if we dance, sing, laugh, cry, or get transparent.

Those who understand why we do what we do.

They push us to be better and encourage us when we feel discouraged. They don't cut us slack when we need to be set straight.

But most of all, people we can talk with about anything. In small circles and large ones, around breakfast tables, outside in a swing, over coffee, or into the wee hours of the night.

Friends we can talk with about heartbreaks and happiness, headaches and hand grenades, discomfort and confusion, strength and fears.

Friends who will lead us to Christ instead of a crisis.

Friends who will help us have a breakthrough not a breakdown.

These kind of people can change your life.

If you haven't found them, keep looking.

Don't stop.

They are out there looking for you too!

(Tammy Whitehurst)