Advent Day 2

Advent Day 2

December 02, 2023

Dec. 2

But where sin increased, grace abounded all the more … Romans 5:20

It’s going to be impossible not to notice the increasing commercialism of Christmas as the season progresses. We know this.

That’s why it’s such a good and necessary idea to ask the Holy Spirit to help us stay focused on its true meaning. But as we walk through this season, let’s make sure our observations about “consumer Christmas” aren’t leading us into conversations that could alienate the very ones who need to hear the good news!

Remember, super-abounding grace in the face of very real sin was the glorious reality presented in the garden at sin’s initial strike. Promise given even as punishment was handed down. Sin found a place in Eve, spread to Adam, and snared all of humanity, but Grace appeared in the middle of their mess—and He lives in the midst of our sin-reeling consumer driven world, too!

This is the news we’re meant to share without sticking our heads in the sand and proclaiming all is lost for the rest of the world while “the few, the proud, the saved” live on doctored memories of days gone by. We can do it — with His help!

Here's to the Good News! Jesus, Immanuel with Us.


Shellie Rushing Tomlinson 

Author and Bible Teacher