A Winter Series

A Winter Series

January 31, 2024

I Wonder, Woman, What Are You Made of?
A Winter Series,

Day 4 of 8

How Do You Become Different?

In your efforts to grow spiritually, are you becoming what God wants or are you becoming what others expect you to be? God’s Word plainly tells us what we are in Him. We already have inside of us what we are to become-it just needs to be developed. As life experiences have happened, the enemy has tried to snuff that out. He has tried to bind us with the powers of darkness. But God’s power is greater and He delivers us from the enemy. As we receive God’s deliverance and release those things, we will naturally become what God wants.

As I look over the life of Joseph, this story teaches us that sometimes, we have to go through certain things to build our character to the level the Lord needs us to have to reach the next level in Him. Those difficulties prepares us for a higher calling. I’m sure Joseph cried many nights feeling betrayed, lost, forgotten, and unloved by his family, but he held on to his faith in the Lord — because that’s all he had. Without Joseph enduring the pit and the prison, he would have never made it to the palace. During those dark nights, God did a mighty work within Joseph and he brought him out and gave him victory over every thing he faced, gave him the life of a king, and made him second in command in all of Egypt.

God taught Joseph (and us) that He is the God of the impossible. The Lord brought every vision to pass and He kept every covenant promise He made to Joseph in the blink of an eye. The main thing that Joseph teaches us is that he kept trusting in the goodness of God… even when he couldn't see it. God rewarded Joseph with favor in every situation he faced. If Joseph had not kept the faith, he would have never received the victory.

So, how do you become different? It through your struggles and failures. In your struggle is where you will discover your strength. And it is your strength that is building your character for what God has next for you.

Susan Bolinger - Bloom Ladies Ministry