A Winter Series

A Winter Series

January 26, 2024

I Wonder, Woman, What Are You Made of?

A Winter Series,

Day 2 of 8

What do you do when difficult times come or when you are being attacked? What comes out of you? Naturally, you will get on the defensive, you take up for yourself, and you will rationalize your actions. You may end up getting angry and want to take revenge against those attacking you, depending on the situation. Hateful feelings may arise out of you towards the person who is causing the problem.

But how are you supposed to respond? Pride causes you to respond with vengeful or hateful thoughts. But when you are a Christian, you are to handle things like Christ would. You can be angry about something and not sin. Anger is not a sin. It’s an emotion, but that emotion must be controlled. Christ wants you to come to Him before you respond. He wants you to receive His power and strength to handle that crisis appropriately. He desires for you to have humbleness of heart. Humility is not a weakness. In fact, it is bridled strength!

God wants you to respond with the kind of faith that knows He will bring you through that situation. The greatest thing you can do when you are faced with adversity is to praise the Lord, to worship Him and to even “thank” Him for the adversity in your life! If we never exercise our faith, we will never grow spiritually. That type of worship is a sacrificial worship and God honors that! He hears your every word spoken during your prayer time and He also hears what every tear is saying too. If you will look to Him for the appropriate answer before you respond, He will bring you through to victory! You may have to endure it for a season, but God will bring you out a stronger VICTORIOUS person!