Insurance for Your Parked Car in Winter: Why Do You Need It?

January 06, 2022

It is common to drive less in winter due to bad weather. However, what happens if you find a complete alternate source of transportation? You may still need insurance if you own the vehicle and park it on your property. Here’s what you need to know about car insurance in winter.

Keep Your Stored Vehicle Insured

The reason it’s a good idea to keep your car insured in winter even if you don’t drive it is that the auto insurance rate can escalate when you insure it the next time. You may have to drive sometimes after all and you don’t want to be caught in any state driving without insurance. You may also be required to have liability coverage for parking your vehicle on the street.

Penalties for an Uninsured Car

Each state sets its own requirements on auto insurance for minimum coverage. Failing to meet these requirements may result in fines, fees, and jail time. You need to carry liability insurance for your vehicle even if it’s parked on the street. If the vehicle rolls and hits another car or person, it can lead to an expensive lawsuit. You may also face fines if it’s uninsured.

Additionally, failing to carry auto insurance when required by law will be counted as a negative mark in your insurance history. Other insurance agencies will have access to this information. Your insurance company may also penalize you for cancelling a policy mid-term.

Keep Comprehensive Coverage

Vehicles can be damaged even when they are parked. High winds can blow debris on the vehicle and crack the windshield. A parked car can be broken into, vandalized, and stolen. It may also be struck by another vehicle in a hit-and-run incident. Any vehicle can catch fire for numerous reasons. Comprehensive insurance covers such problems and more, as it fills gaps not covered by state requirements.

Other Options for Summer Vehicles in Winter

Suppose you only use a certain vehicle during summer for vacations, but you never use it in the winter. You can cancel your auto insurance for the vehicle and store it on private property instead of a city or county street. Nonetheless, then you run the risk of having to pay a higher rate when you insure it again. Many times, however, your insurer will lower your premium if you let them know you are parking your vehicle during winter.

Make sure you have proper auto insurance in winter even if your vehicle is simply parked for the time being. Our team at Gant Insurance Agency is ready to answer your questions about your vehicle coverage needs. Contact us today to learn more!